Contemporary Italian Designer Watches From Nava Design


For over four decades, Nava has been known with the production of high-end stationary before branching out to cover products that range from luggages to watches.

Established in 1970, the Italian brand has built a reputation for collaborating with the world’s top international designers including Enzo Mari, Massimo Vignelli, Max Huber and Naoto Fukasawa – these designers all feature in the Nava brand’s back catalogue.


Nava Watches 36mm Nava Unica


This tradition of working with other top designers can be seen in the company’s broad range of timepieces. Most of the Nava watches are commissioned from some of today’s most celebrated designers and studios, such as Benjamin Hubert, Denis Guidone and Industrial Facility.

Hubert, who designed Nava’s Plicate watch, strictly focuses “materiality, sustainability and a process of visual reduction.” Since 2009, he has been involved with the production of several products ranging from lighting and electronics, to furniture and accessories, working with several international companies such as Moroso, Poltrona Frau, Ligne Roset and De La Espada from his London studio. He is a winner of several creativity awards like EDIDA, Red Dot and The A&W Mentorpreis, to name a few.


Nava Watches 36mm Nava Unica pilcate

Also, Nava watches product lines – Tempo Libero, Ora, Ora Lattea and Ora Unica are all the creation of Denis Guidone, a Milan native. Guidone deals with architecture, product design, and communications disciplines and has worked with top brands such as Projects and D3CO in creating several product designs and accessories. Guidone labeled his watch designs as a provocative and paradoxical essay in object-making.  His Nave creative designs all come with unique design cues, with a perfect mix of beauty and elegance.

Another brand of Nava watches – the Nava Bottle Watch was designed and developed by UK based studio Industrial Facility. Founded in 2002 by Kim Colin and Sam Hecht, the company is one of UK’s most influential design studios of the last decade, with their works now among the collections of top institutions like the Victoria and Albert Museum, Helsinki Design Museum and the Art Institute, Chicago. Their product designs range from stationary, electronics, furniture, and kitchenware for the likes of Epson, Herman Miller, and Muji.


Nava Pebble


Speaking of Industrial Facility’s collaboration with Nava, Sam Hecht explains: “Nava are clearly not Rolex and I’m sure they don’t want to be Rolex, so it is pointless expressing precision or craft. But instead we made it a design experiment that people can share in.”






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