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NUB Watches, a small team based in London, England, and have been working hard for the past year to bring you a perfectly balanced and unique timepiece. The watch is made to last in both style and durability with Swiss precision and British engineering. Without compromising on looks or quality, they’ve created a Swiss-made watch at a fraction of the cost.



The N1 collection

The N1 collection is the first line of watches created by NUB. They’ve spent the past year refining the design, materials, and craftsmanship, and now the watches are ready to come to life.

The Design

The minimalistic design will keep the watch feeling stylish, modern, and contemporary for years to come. Its features include:

  • Sandblasted watch face with subtly indented markers
  • Minimal crown, placed at two o’clock for comfort
  • Discreet NUB logo disguised as a marker at two o’clock
  • Striking yellow second hand to add visual interest
  • Custom angled buckle to fasten the Italian calf leather strap


The Hardware

They’ve carefully selected each component of the watch to ensure its quality, including:

  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens
  • Gold-plated, 5-jeweled, Swiss Ronda 7 series movement
  • High-grade brushed stainless steel case with screw-down back, for water resistance


The Craftsmanship

All NUB watches are made and carefully assembled in Switzerland. The term ‘Swiss-made’ doesn’t just refer to a watch’s place of origin, but a mark of quality and craftsmanship. That’s why They’re proud that NUB watches are truly Swiss-made.



6 Varations

The N1 collection has six different models to choose from. All cases are brushed steel and all straps are Italian calf leather.


NUB Graphite Tan – Grey Steel Case with Tan Leather Strap


NUB Graphite Grey – Grey Steel Case with Grey Leather Strap


NUB Carbon Tan – Black Steel Case with Tan Leather Strap



NUB Carbon Black – Black Steel Case with Black Leather Strap


NUB Alloy Tan – Stainless Steel with Tan Leather Strap


NUB Alloy Black – Stainless Steel Case with Black Leather Strap



NUB Live


Sign Up

Sign up to our mailing list to become one of their Super Early Bird Backers and receive a Nub watch for over 50% off RRP. First 50 watches are available at this low price.

Be online at 4pm on Thursday, June 28th for there Kickstarter launch !! Make sure you don’t miss out!!




Kickstarter Campaign

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