Niky & James

Artime Watches Owners

Artime Hourglass

Hi, we are Niky and James, the new owners of Clockwize UK, now known as Artime Watches.

We have always loved travelling together, discovering different countries and their cultures, and visiting museums of modern art and art galleries. Wherever we went, we always seemed to graduate towards small, often backstreet, shops, where we adored the creativity of the local artisans, who were creating unique items which never found their way to High Street shops.

Bored of seeing always the same watch brands

We want to bring to you something UNIQUE, we want you to say WOW, because when Niky says WOW about something, it means she needs to own the thing! And trust me, she doesn’t say it very often! When she does, I’m sure it’s a real treasure!

We want to bring you something timeless and special. Therefore we have put together the most interesting watch brands and we will continue on this journey to guarantee you that you will never go out of style.

Psst.. All the models now on sale will not be renewed, as they are the remnants of the stock belonging to the previous owner of the site.