Clockwize UK to Artime Watches

So here we are, Niky and James the new owners of Clockwize UK which unfortunately closed its doors at the end of last year.

Artime Watches hopes to live up to your expectations by providing the same unique and contemporary watches and even more in the near future! We are a couple who adore travelling and hope to bring to you the very new watches before anybody else out there.

Artime Watches New Owners

On the left, Niky with the Bulbul Facette 03 and James on the right with the Bulbul Pebble 01.

Photoshoot December 2018

Unique Watches

The whole idea behind Artime Watches is the uniqueness of their products. You are certainly going to discover watches which you have never heard of before but which are so cool. If you want to have something different, something out of the ordinary, something you have never seen on anybody else’s wrist, then Artime Watches is the place you want to be.


Trend is not what we are after

Trend is always what “normal” people seek… We are looking to bring you beyond, not trendy models but models which never go out of style. The watch industry is so huge that it would be stupid if everyone wore the same style of watch.

We are always interested in new brands so if you have any tips do not hesitate to contact us.


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