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Ever thought of checking the time in the dark without having to illuminate your Smartphone? Wouldn’t that be great? The Eone Bradley watch is a tactile timepiece that lets you not to only see what the time is, but to also feel what time it is. The Eone Bradley is an innovative fashion watch model where you can tell the time without having to look at the watch. This means everyone, including the visually impaired, can tell the time by just touching the watch.


Bradley Eone timepiece

Instead of featuring traditional watch hands, the Eone Bradley comes with two ball bearings that indicate time. The one located at the face of the watch indicates minutes, and the other one at the side of the watch indicates hours. These two ball bearings are connected to the watch movement with magnets situated beneath the watch face. The magnets in the watch are made in a way that even if the ball bearings are moved when touched, they will spring back to the accurate time by just gently shaking your wrist.

The Eone Bradley watch is named after Bradley Snyder, a veteran who lost his eyesight during active combat in Afghanistan. Snyder, instead of giving in to his disability, rose to the challenge of going to the London 2012 Paralympics where he went on to win two gold medals and one silver medal in swimming. Apparently, his is a story of strength and perseverance that we can resonate with.


Bradley Watch

The Eone Bradley watch, as a timepiece that can be read by the fingers whether one is sighted or not, is beautiful and fascinating. The watch comes with a dial and a case which are made from single, sculptural unit that is active on both the face and the sides of the watch. As such, you both feel and see it fully.

The Bradley watch is about 13mm thick, and it wears comfortably thanks to its articulating lugs that conform to your wrist and adjust to natural movement. It’s also exceptionally light thanks to its in-built titanium case and quartz movement. Simply put, the watch is entrancing and can be worn pretty much where ever you plan to go. Despite all these exceptional qualities, the designer watch still comes simple and restrained. The minute markers sit contemplatively in their channel while the hour markers stand above like little sentinels. As there is no ticking of a second hand in the Eone Bradley, the watch is silent and without perceptible motion.


Eone Bradley watch


Elegant, well-made and well-constructed, the Eone Bradley has multiple strap options and its available either with a steel mesh, or a canvas, almost military strap, which comes in beige, black, green, blue and yellow. The Eone Bradley is a perfect example of aesthetics and problem-solving blended together.





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