Bulbul Ore Watch Review

The Bulbul Ore watch is the third design of the brand’s collection of contemporary Danish timepieces. The watch comes in a gorgeously minimalist essence, refined, circular shape following the launch of the slightly asymmetrical Pebble and round classic Facette. With a simple, perfectly round face behind its ultra-durable sapphire glass, the Ore watch pays tribute to the company’s initial design, Pebble, and to the brand’s heritage but with a modern appearance.




Having already stamped a design philosophy with the Pebble watch spanning several years, the Bulbul Ore watch is made in the same colors and materials as their slightly asymmetric debut. However, the Ore model ventures one step further into Scandinavian minimalism in the efforts to let every individual element come to the fore.

Also designed by Copenhagen-based design trio KiBiSi, the Ore watch is a carefully considered timepiece developed through time-honored craft and idea-driven innovation.bulbul_ore_kibisi_02

Crafted to make the aesthetic sustainability match the material durability, the Bulbul Ore watch is built to last and was designed to be appreciated by and still be relevant for the next generation of watch enthusiasts. The timepiece features lasting materials including double-sided premium Italian leather strap, gold plated Precision Swiss movement, a higher grade German steel and a battery life of up to 10 years.




Little hand on the hours and big hand on the minutes, the Ore watch uses a 316L steel case to house the Swiss made, gold-plated, four jewels Ronda movement.

There are seven different versions of the Ore watch in the Bulbul series, ranging from “golden steel with a white face on brown” to “murdered-out matte black on black leather”. Each Bulbul Ore watch features a contrasting blue strap loop for a pop of color and a crown located at the 2pm dial.


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