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Bulbul is a contemporary Danish watch brand. They have a great and inspirational team of designers.


Launched in Copenhagen in 2013 by entrepreneur and designer Jacob Juul. Bulbul has made a unique watch inspired by Copenhagen fashion and style.

Pebble-05--Matt-Golden-Steel-on-Brown-Italian-Leather4 Pebble-04--Stone-Grey-Titanium-Coated-Steel-on-Grey-Italian-Leather4 Pebble-03--Matt-Steel-on-Brown-Italian-Leather4

Pebble-02--Matt-Steel-on-Black-Italian-Leather4  Pebble-01--Black-Steel-on-Black-Italian-Leather4

Developing the Bulbul pebble was a delicate process and used only the most robust and high quality materials. The Pebble watch took years to refine.


The word bulbul derives from Persian: بلبل‎, bolbol, through Arabic: بُلْبُل‎, meaning nightingale.


While there’s incredible beauty in the Nightingale, the bulbul also carries a mohawk and is sometimes described as rowdy and has a strong independent will.


That was the spirit Jacob set out with when creating Bulbul and now has become a top Danish designer watch brand.


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