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The Void watches are independent, urban watches designed by a Swede – David Ericsson based in Hong Kong. Launched in 2008, the watches are influenced by the streets of Hong Kong and they come with a unique watch design, and expressive shapes that give the watches a near architectural expression. All Void Watches are made to fit your wrist perfectly just as an extraordinary building is designed to fit its environment.



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Originally, the designs of the Void watches were based exclusively on the Japanese trusty quartz and are drawn from a heavily Scandinavian design tradition using simple geometries as well as materials usually found in architectural designs. Today, the Void watches provide its customers with both digital and mechanical timepieces and its collection of different watch models has a designer’s attention to detail. The Void watches display blends a great focus on quality materials with intelligent problem solving.



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When asked why he’s developed an automatic, mechanical watch, Ericsson says, “I love mechanics. It’s that simple. Although, there’s no proper reason for anyone to make a mechanical watch at all these days! Our quartz movements are probably more accurate time-tellers than a Rolex. Yet it’s for the passion of it that we use analog – and because we can.”



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Ericsson said he first launched Void “as a bit of a side project,” but the company now has four extensive product ranges and employs 6 full-time staff. All of Void’s watches models share the same scaled-down aesthetic – a signification of Ericsson’s Scandinavian heritage.
The VO3P is a recent addition to the Void watches, and is Void’s first range of watches for female customers. Ericsson says the new model is a response to requests from women who like the company’s aesthetics but don’t like to wear a larger men’s-size watch. The watch comes with narrow leather strap features and a 28mm case, which is 10mm smaller than the previously released V03D watch. “It’s quite a classic watch and I’ve thought a lot about the feel of, say, a 1940s or 1950s ladies’ watch but we made it with a slightly more modern aesthetic,” says Ericsson. The watches are water resistant to a depth of up to 5 metres.


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