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Headquartered in Hong Kong, Cronometrics was founded in Jan 2016 by Connie Ng (the company’s Sales and Marketing Manager) and Robert Dabi (its Head of Design). Following over a year of comprehensive development and fine tuning, the Cronometric watches add a designer touch while meeting the current minimalism codes. The watches were designed by Robert, who with professional experience in watch design and illustration and several aspects of art, has already helped built the watch brand ZIIIRO. Designer watches consultant, Derrick Ip, who has several years of expertise in the watch industry and an insider’s perspective on designer watches’ production, trends and technical matters completes the “trio” behind the Cronometrics brand.
The concept of the watch is based on linking the geometric aspect of the universe – the centrepiece and core concept – to a sober and simple design. The watches are known by triangles connecting numbers 12, 4 and 7 on the watches’ dials and representing the simplest form of connection between three points for each object in the Earth’s realm. The triangle on the watch is a reminder of the history of traditional timekeeping and a starting point of all creation to a three-dimensional object. Engineers and designers all over the world recognize that the triangle’s physical shape makes it the shape with the highest stability. The Cronometric watches embody both the triangle’s mathematical as well as the geometric abstraction while highlighting the cultural recognition of the number “three” as the very manifestation of creation.




The Cronometric watches are produced for our planet’s creators. With the Cronometric watches, you get to design your own time and space. These designer watches are designed for people who shape their time and space so as to create their own world. Featuring a sophisticated design and superior function, the watches inspire and complement the world’s creative and dynamic men and women so as to keep shaping their lives in verve and imagination. The Cronometric watches are created for use by individuals called the world’s producers.



The inherent elegance of the trendy Cronometric watch conceals its complex production by its look of pristine simplicity which exceeds the conventional approach used by most other watch brands. An example of this can be seen in the watches’ indicator painting which matches perfectly with the metallic color plating.  Both appear in perfect alignment and combinations on the watches’ double layer dial.




The Cool Cronometric watches are also international in scope. Designed and developed in Germany and Hong Kong respectively, the watches feature Japanese precision movement and come with Italian leather and stainless steel straps.




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