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20 affordable men’s watches for all occasions

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The Braun Watch – BN0035WHBKG featuring as one of the Telegraphs affordable men’s watches.

The Braun BN0035 Classic watch in white has a subtle sophistication, winning it awards and plaudits across the globe. Available in two colours with scratch resistant mineral glass, as with all Braun BN0035 watches, it has quartz chronograph movement – date and display – is 50m water resistant and comes with a two-year warranty. Check out the BN0035 in  black.

Braun Watches: Your Best Choice for Premium Timepieces

Watches are considered to be amongst the most popular accessories for most men and women. If you want one, you will surely find it hard to choose the most perfect for you because of the abundance of the choices available in the market. Different brands and models will confront you, making it challenging to arrive at a decision. If you are looking for nothing but the best, Braun watches will most probably be an option you will not regret. The brand is backed with many years of experience and has gained a solid reputation for the high quality of their products.

Why Braun?

A Braun watch is not only going to be a fashion statement but will also be a good investment. Quality and minimalism are two of the most important characteristics of all their products. Some watches sport a bold look as if they crave for attention from anyone who will be able to see them. Braun watches, on the other hand, are known for their simplistic appeal. Nonetheless, even if they have simple aesthetics, they are not short in terms of quality. Aside from water resistance, they can also withstand long-term use. Even through the years, the visual appeal will look as good as new, unlike others that wear off easily. More so, as a way of being able to give users peace of mind concerning the quality of the product, they come with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

More so, Braun has been also recognised for their revolutionary designs, setting them apart from others within the competitive landscape. In 2012, the brand won the Red Dot Design Award and has been also given an honourable mention. The award recognises excellence in product design and the winning products are displayed in their museum. Almost 2,000 companies and designers have submitted their designs in this award-giving body from about 60 countries, and Braun ended up one of the few given distinction because of their design excellence. Braun also received product design awards from If, including 2 golds. The comprehensive technical and design quality lead the brand to these prestigious awards, which have been helpful in having it promoted as one of the best in the market. These awards are just part of the many things separating Braun watches from the other options available within the competitive landscape.




Design Philosophy

Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs, the two German industrial designers behind Braun watches, are rooted in the design belief that less is actually more. This basically explains why their watches are characterised by minimalist designs but never fail in terms of being able to have aesthetic appeal. Unlike other brands, they are not screaming with loud designs. Rather, they keep it as simple as possible, but still being able to command second attention. This makes the perfect choice for sophisticated individuals who have the penchant for toned-down glamour. This philosophy of design is not only applicable in Braun watches, but with other products as well, such as clocks, calculators, and even accessories.

Different Options for Braun Watches

If you are looking for a Braun watch, you will have different choices depending on your personal preferences. If you like to sport the traditional watches, the best choice would be the models from the Braun Classic Chronograph. Braun Sports Chronograph, on the other hand, will be perfect for people who have an active lifestyle but still put an emphasis on aesthetics. More so, they also have Braun prestige watches, which are perfect for people with sophisticated preferences and who have a penchant for eclectic designs.

With award winning designs and a wealth of choices to choose from, there is no wonder why Braun watches are the option of many people. The superior quality of the brand, complemented by their technical expertise, makes them an unrivalled name in a market replete in terms of alternatives.

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