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Drawing its inspiration from infinity, the Nava Ora Lattea  watch follows on Denis Guidone’s design path to minimal eloquence. Time is seen as stark black dots – hours, minutes – move in a circular motion around a 42mm face and fixed central point. All Nava Ora watches come with a genuine  calf leather strap.

Nava Watch - Ora Lattea 42mm

Nava Watches: A Shift in Watch Design

Over the years, the need for watches has become secondary to that of smartphones when it comes to time telling. In this case, timepieces have mostly taken more of a styling role. This is becoming more evident day after day as more watchmakers and designers get down to designing watches that command more visual attention. This is exactly the case when considering Nava watches. The Italian brand has contracted designer, Denis Guidone to help with creating some of the most appealing watches that are guaranteed to be definite conversation starters. Wearers will be more than amazed at just how impressive these new designs are.

Nava watches are not your traditional wristwatches. Below we will look at exactly how Denis Guidone has been able to create an all new look for one of the oldest time telling devices.

Minimalist Design

All Nava watches bear a contemporary look. They represent a departure from the traditional designs taken by timepieces. It is impressive how this designer has been able to bring in a minimalist design and make it work so well in such a complicated gadget. In these watches, consumers now have a new and most importantly refreshing design representing the changing times of our world.

Unique Watches

What makes Nava watches stand out the most is their unorthodox designs. Missing hour and minute markers, hour markers positioned away from their traditionally central locations and dented cases are just a few of the ways that Denis Guidone used to mark his shift from traditional watch designs, and create the highly recognisable Nava design. These watches are designed to be conversation starters wherever they are worn.

Pocket Friendly Pricing

All through human existence, exclusivity has always been marked by high restrictive pricing. This is another area that the Nava watches totally deviate from traditional norms. This brand of watches is not limited to just the affluent members of society as it comes with budget friendly pricing. The watches can be had for less than two hundred pounds making them affordable to most. These watches do not rely on complicated designs with a variety of decorative and high value materials but are rather simple and most importantly minimalist. In most of the designs, things like hour markers are left out. Most watch enthusiasts will attest to the fact that watches makers usually use expensive materials to decorate hour markers.

Nava watches represent a total shift from traditional watch making rules. The absence of valuable decorative materials, dial markings and even hour, minute and second hands in some variants creates an all new watch at an affordable price. At Clockwise UK, we understand the value of this simple but standout design and stock a variety of these unique watches for our customers while upholding their affordability.

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