Bulbul Pebble 05 Gold/Brown

The BulBul Pebble 05 is a modern-day designer watch from the stable of Danish design trio KiBiSi. Launched in 2013 in Copenhagen, the watch comes in gold on genuine brown Italian leather. Rounded and a little bit asymmetrical, the Pebble watch embodies Bulbul’s style as its debut design. Inspired by the beauty of an organic pebble stone commonly found on a Scandinavian beach, the watch features the simplicity of Scandinavian creativity with expert craftsmanship.

The Bulbul Pebble 05 watch is a carefully considered timepiece developed through a comprehensive process. The watch combines time-honored craft with idea-driven innovation. Featuring a high-grade 316L German steel casing, an ultra-durable sapphire crystal glass, a gold-plated Swiss made movement that contains four Ronda Jewels and a battery life of up to 10 years, the Bulbul Pebble 05 watch was painstakingly designed to make the material’s extreme durability to match the KiBiSi brand’s “aesthetic sustainability” signature.

Having a lightweight design, the watch sits well on the wrist regardless of hand size thanks to its double-sided brown Italian leather strap. Among the other premium components that come with Bulbul’s debut enduring timepiece are the German-made stainless Steelband, water resistance level of 30 metres (or 3 ATM) and a 2-year warranty.

Developed by Lars Holme Larsen (Kilo Design), Bjarke Ingels (BIG) and Jens Martin Skibsted (Skibsted Ideation), KiBiSi creative design brand is one of the most influential design groups in Scandinavia today. Suitable for everyday use, this Bulbul’s first watch model design was made to last and developed to be relevant for everyone, including the upcoming generation of watch lovers and enthusiasts. Wear the Bulbul Pebble 05 watch with anything and all you’ll be feeling is fabulous.

Slow Jo 18 Gold/Vintage Brown Leather

The Slow Jo 18 watch truly represents the concept of the Slow brand with its impeccable details. The watch comes with a vintage look through its finest dark brown Italian calf leather and 38mm gold stainless steel case. To give the Slow Jo 18 watch its distinct vintage look is its raised and extra-hardened (K1) mineral crystal glass finished with anti reflective coating. This property gives you a crystal clear view on the dial. Additionally, the thick vintage band of the Slow Jo 18 watch with its raw edges further adds to the distinguishing qualities of this beautiful timepiece.

The 24-hour dial of this timepiece allows you to see the entire day in one view which basically lets you have a better consciousness about the progression of your day. Featuring a Swiss Made, Swiss Ronda Caliber 505.24H GMT Quartz precision movement made with 4 hands plus the date, the Slow Jo 18 watch uses one hand to show the 24 hour time – time can be read accurately from +-1 to 2 minutes. The unique conceptual design was created in order to have a true slow watch that is only reduced to one necessary component. Yet with this minimalistic concept, there is actually a complex movement happening within the Slow Jo 18.

The highlight of this beautiful watch is its highly durable 316L stainless steel casing coated in gold. This must have taken the brand’s engineers and designers a heck of a lot of work in bringing that pure shape alive. The result is an amazing object that, when seen from all angles, is perfectly symmetrical.

The Slow Jo 18 is extra resistant to scratches and its perfectly smooth back is fixed with 8 screws to the case so as to ensure a water resistance level of up to 100 metres (10 ATM). Not too heavy, this designer timepiece is very comfortable to wear, yet still durable. Its metal bands are also made of solid stainless steel featuring separate links that gives the watch its stunning vintage bracelet appearance. The Slow Jo 18 watch also comes with a 2-year warranty and a wrist circumference between 145 and 200 millimetres.

The Slow watches are made in Switzerland – the country where the art, design and development of watch making was invented. The Slow Jo 18 is a definition of true quality, artisan precision and attention to detail as well as Slow brand’s slogan “doing things in a slow and thorough way.”

If you do not mind standing out a little bit in style, this trendy watch is just the perfect choice for you

Simpl Ochre Brown

The Simpl Ochre watch is a perfect signature of the Simpl strapline which goes thus: “Be Simpl, Be Different.” Made in Thailand by product designers, Tanachpak Warrnissorn and Alisa Kittipong, the Simpl Ochre watch is made modern and timeless to simplify everybody’s individual lifestyle.

Based on the ideas of minimalism and simplicity, the watch comes with a numberless dial, golden stainless steel casing and an attractive brown Italian premium leather strap.

The two bold hands of the Simpl Ochre watch are used to read hours and minutes while an innovative strikingly contrasting hand represents the seconds. The watch comes with a 39 millimetre stainless steel casing with a matte gold finish.

The Simpl Ochre watch is skillfully designed by combining modern elements with a touch of the classic in order to create the timeless modern aesthetic of the designer brand. The Simpl Ochre watch was made in a way to perfectly match the lifestyle and personality of the wearer and ensure the importance of these two factors.

 The collection of the well-designed Simpl Ochre watch has been carefully created to provide users with a wide range of stylishly classic choices. The watch may be uniform in its minimalistic design, but it was crafted in a way to ensure the best possible match for every customer and gender.

The creative design of this amazing watch makes its circular dial stand out especially with the line-weighted graphics, where much thicker lines are used to represent the 15, 30, 45 and 60-minute increments.

Kitmen Keung Long Distance 1.0 Silver

The Long Distance watch is the first watch model from the stable of Hong Kong-based Chinese-Canadian designer Kitmen Keung. Designed to remind the distance between loved ones, the watch face combines two dials which can be set to two different time zones – one is set to local time and the other fainter dial is for a relative or loved one far away. The secondary dial comes with a lighter shade of grey while the primary dial comes with aluminium hands in silver matte-finish. The primary dial has applied markers and a 39mm stainless steel face with a brushed IP finish. This dial is completed with a hardened mineral crystal lens.

The Kitmen Keung Long Distance watch is cleverly crafted to subtly alter the wearer’s perception of time and context. The Long Distance watch is contrasted by the poetic nature of Keung’s work as well as by his minimalistic, direct, aesthetic and robust build. The designer uses precisely defined geometric impressions as well as a muted palette form.

The Long Distance watch comes with high-grade materials – such as aluminium, brass, stainless steel with a chamfered bezel and a soft genuine Argentinian-made calf leather strap – that will consciously avoid ostentation so as to create designer timepieces perfectly suited to both formal and casual wears usually worn on a daily basis.

The Kitmen Keung Long Distance watch is a mixture of slow artisanal craft and machine manufacture. Featuring crisp designs and sleek lines, the Long Distance watch does not only tells time, it makes a statement.

The Kitmen Keung Long Distance watch is also powered by 3-hand Japanese precision and reliable movement. Though beautiful and simple, the watch is the typical kind of watch associated with classic. The Long Distance watch is a limited-edition designer timepiece that blends balanced composition with finesse and poise.

Eone Bradley Element Black

Developed by US design company Eone, the Bradley Element watch is a unique timepiece created for everyone to wear. Unlike any of the other Eone models, the Bradley Element watch comes with an innovative, three-dimensional surface.

Designed as a revolutionary tactile watch, the Eone Bradley Element features a scratch-resistant ceramic casing finished with black PVD coating which adds an extra level of durability to its redesigned case body. The dial of the Bradley Element watch contours toward each marker in apparent alternating concave and convex impressions. Similarly engineered like the original Eone Bradley watch, the Element also features an easily adjustable Milanese stainless steel mesh strap completed in an all-black matte finish.

Although the Eone Bradley Element watch was originally designed for the visually impaired and blind people, the watch comes with raised, beveled hour markers that let you feel the time just through touch, you don’t have to look. This is aided by the elongated line segments for 3, 6, 9, 12 hour markers and shorter line segments for the minute markers as well as two magnetized ball bearings traveling around the watch face in different, recessed tracks. The front ball around the center of the watch face is for reading minutes, and the other ball around the outside edge of the watch face is meant to read hours.

The Eone Bradley Element watch was released after a very successful crowdfunding campaign in the US and has since been nominated twice for Design Museum’s Design of the Year award. The Bradley Element is a definition of cutting-edge design and quality materials all in one timepiece. It also comes with a Renata 371 button cell watch battery.

The Bradley watch is named after Bradley Snyder, an ex-naval officer who went on to win gold and silver medals at the London 2012 Paralympic Games after losing his vision in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2011.