ECO Friendly Watches From WeWood

WeWood watches are crafted from completely natural, toxic-free wood as well as recycled and sustainable materials, which make them ECO friendly, thereby, eliminating any environmental harm.

Launched in 2009 in a small village of Lamporecchio, in the beautiful region of Tuscany as an Italian designer watch brand, WeWood brand was founded by Emma Bogren, Alessandro Rosano and Daniele Guidi and they trademarked the company under a name known as “Fratelli Diversi.” The brand now has its North American headquarters in Los Angeles.




Although none of the three co-founders had any horological background, the three were well-versed in the fashion industry. For instance, Guidi was very vast in the distribution business of fashion accessories while Rosano himself is a top-notch footwear designer. And due to their strong commitment to environmental responsibility, the WeWood brand’s goal is to restore the environment’s resources with each watch by planting one tree at a time. This means when you buy a watch, they plant a tree!

Developed and expanded in Florence – the city known as the city of art, beauty and creativity, the luxury watches consolidate the unique Italian touch in producing environmental friendly items and so are produced with precision details with a fashion thinking, trendy design making it perfect for environmentalists in their day-to-day lifestyles. They are also lightweight and durable making each watchpiece absolutely unique in its presentation.




Considering the fact that the WeWood brand is saving the planet and also improving the Earth’s ecosphere, this Italian-designed tactile come in many beautiful colors and numerous styles letting wearers look stylish, fashionable and exceptional. The WeWood watches are an epitome of conservation as well as decadence.




Besides the button cell, movement, the crystal, all bracelet pins, and the buckle in some cases, all WeWood watches are made of 100 percent wood. No chemicals, dyes, alcohol or preservatives are used in treating the wood, and the colors of each timepiece are all natural. The Wewood watches are all hypoallergenic, and some of the watches are crafted from different types of quality wood including Tasmanian Blackwood from Australia. In the production of these amazing watches, no new trees are cut down as the wood are reclaimed and recycled from flooring and furniture industries. The WeWood wooden watches also have a distinctive finish and color meaning there are no two watches made exactly the same. They suit both men and women and are adjustable to fit any wrist size. It is noteworthy that the Japanese high-quality movement, known as Miyota, powers all models of the WeWood watches.

Agencies like Trees for the Future and American Forests have gone into partnership with WeWood just to ensure they don’t digress in their promise to their clients. Among WeWood clients are the Grammy award-winning hip-hop group – The Black Eyed Peas as well as Eric Stonestreet, the Emmy award-winning actor of Modern Family fame.





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