Defakto Watches – German Made


Since 1924, the Ickler family of Germany has been manufacturing top-notch timepieces – the manufacturers of Archimedes and Limes – and Raphael Ickler has kept this heritage alive by establishing a designer watch brand, Defakto in 2009. Situated in Pforzheim, Germany, Defakto watches are made with a minimal aesthetic design changing the way in which we interact with time. The watches come with a modern, simplistic, graphic sensibility which is restrained but bold.



Ickler says; “Everything from concept to final design, administration, logistics and communications, comes from one person.”He says this is the main and most important backbone of the Defakto label as a brand.




Though the Defakto watches features a minimal geometric form, the design of the luxury watches is a reminder of the teachings of the Bauhaus movement. Ickler explains; “I am fascinated by Minimalism, my first books about Bauhaus and Dieter Rams of course had an impact on what I do now. There is so much sensibility and character in simplicity.”



Each model of the Defakto watches has its own unique characteristics. For instance, the brand’s first watch – the mechanical one-hand Defakto Eins – lets users have a more relaxed approach when reading time. Other Defakto series include the quartz one-hander Detail which come with minimal dials and characteristically slim beautiful cases. The cases are usually made of stainless steel, bronze or a mixture of steel, PVD and bronze elements.  The Akkord Modular is another great choice from the Defakto watch series. Featuring a striking stark dial, the mixed material case of the watch is gorgeous, combining personality and real materiality to the concept.




The Defakto watches also feature sapphire crystal lens which are scratch-resistant as well as German-made calfskin leather straps which makes them unique and pleasing. Ickler’s focus on bold shapes, stark colors and minimal dials gives the watches a special appeal not often found in the world of luxury watches, while the production also gives them a quality hardly found in “design” watches.




The design of these amazing watches can be defined as pilot-like and classic featuring elegantly thin, contouring lugs, a broad bezel and slab sides. Simply put, the execution of the Defakto watches is perfect!



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