The Minimal & Trendy Squarestreet Watch


Founded in 2010 by Hong Kong based designer Alexis Holm, Squarestreet is a lifestyle brand which takes its name from the street it was established upon in Hong Kong’s creative district of Sheung Wan. This method of the brand’s name can also be used to explain the brand’s watches. Its new collection of watches, called Minuteman is a one-handed watch which takes an unorthodox approach to timekeeping – it does not display seconds.



Holm explains: “Instead of having knowledge of the exact second of every minute and stressing on the fact that you are 45 secs late, Squarestreet invites you to casually glance at your watch and say: ‘Oh, the time is about a quarter past three’.”




The Square Street collection of watches is classified into two face designs which are approximately named, One-hand and Two-hand models.  The hand of the One-hand Squarestreet model slowly rotates around the face of the watch and uses the gap between the hours to read the 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes approximations. Whereas, the Two-hand Squarestreet model has a hand dedicated to hours, so the hand previously mentioned dedicated to reading the gap between the hours dial – 15 minutes, 30 minutes and  45 minutes approximations always read the time precise minutes. The Squarestreet watches also features a date display.




Those who prefer a more conventional approach to timekeeping can go with the Two-hand model while those who want an unorthodox version can opt for the One-handed model. Both designs were built from Mazzuchelli acetate and covered by a stainless steel pressure case, which enables the watches to be able to withstand a fall as high as 30-metre. The straps of the Squarestreet watches are manufactured with NATO nylon.




With Holm and business partner, David Ericsson of Void watches, both of Swedish origins, they ensured the Squarestreet watches were developed with a distinct Scandinavian touch. Production took place in Hong Kong where the watches are made from carefully selected materials.


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