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Founded by Jared Mankelow, the Objest watches are premium Swiss watches designed to be worn with pride and pleasure. Developed in London in collaboration with the world’s renowned watchmakers, the watches are beautifully simple and feature the city’s unique currents in architecture, art, culture and design.


Objest Watches gold
The Objest watches are carefully crafted using the finest materials, and are designed to look remarkable, function effortlessly, and work for a lifetime. The Objest tactile watches are for those who crave for impeccable quality with superior design.

The Objest luxury watches, through unexpected detailing and creative conception, are a perfect combination of the playful and the practical to produce elegant timepieces that reward every glance and touch.


Objest Watches Grey


The Objest watches are a true expression of the qualities inherent in the finest of materials. The focus on simplicity of design also delivers elegant sophistication as well as engaging clarity and the company’s commitment to quality ensures beautiful, cultured tactile products that will be treasured for a very long time.


Objest Wtaches box

The first collection of the Objest premium timepieces is the Hach, which was launched in December, 2015. The Objest Hach watches are expertly crafted by top Swiss watch manufacturers and they come in a variety of five model watches. Each watch model features a refined expression of the company’s design ethos.

Indeed, the Objest watches are designed to be looked at, worn with pride and pleasure and loved.

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