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Many of us live in a world where it is not always possible to do those things we love, but the One-handed Slow mindset is here to assist you to have fun in whatever you are doing. It allows us to focus your time on what you really love to do – hanging out with friends and family, going for a surf, exploring the world, working on something you’re really passionate about – all these simple pleasures that can be easy to forget.


The one-handed Slow watch features one hand that shows the 24-hour time. The manufacturers made this possible so as to create a real slow watch limited to only one necessary component. The Slow manufacturers explain that due to our busy lifestyles, “we usually forget that we actually have a choice of the way we live,” and the reinvention of the one-handed Slow watch aids us in putting our own time in perspective. The watch may be simplistic in appearance but actually there is quite a complex movement happening within the watch.




Another interesting thing about the watch is that its 24-hour dial lets you look at the entire day in one view. The designer watch was crafted to re-imagine your relationship with time, by putting time into context and letting us to visualize our entire day. What this means is that, it basically changes the way you look at your watch and this makes you to be more conscious about the progression of your day.

The watch is a subtle reminder that time is the most valuable thing available to us so we should make use of it well by enjoying everything we do and stop chasing every minute. The Slow watch allows users focus on the moment, and not the unending march of seconds. The only hand of the watch actually moves at half the speed of a conventional watch, but lets you to see the progress of your entire day at a glance.




The timepiece is made of durable 316L stainless steel and this property is surely the highlight of this beautiful product. Additionally, this amazing watch, when seen from any angle, is perfectly symmetrical. For instance, taking a side view look at the steel casing, you will notice that the edges on the upper and lower parts have exactly the same proportions. The watch also comes with a Swiss-Made Ronda Caliber 505.24H GMT Quartz movement that originally comes with 4 hands plus the date.




The One handed Slow watch features a fully integrated, perfectly smooth case back joined by 8 metallic screws to give it the 100 meter water resistance ability. This is the only part of the watch where you can find the Slow logo which is accurately laser etched into the steel. The watch also comes with an extra hardened (K1) mineral glass, raised with antireflective coating which is extra resistant to scratches while also giving it a distinct vintage look, crystal clear view.



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