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Slow Jo Watches

When talking about wrist watches, the Slow watches are different from what anyone could be used to with their 24-hour dial.  The German brand watch from Hamburg pursues a revolutionary approach to its luxury watches. The Slow Jo watch is Slow’s first ever wrist watch model and the one-hand watch was born with a totally new way of checking time. Today, the Slow Jo watches come in a variety of single-hand watches with unique watch bands.


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The creative minds behind the Slow Jo watches are Germans, Christopher Norskau and Corvin Lask.  With the two from Hamburg, they decided to enter the luxury watch industry with their new niche product at a time when new designer watch brands were springing up like mushrooms. Collaborating with a Swiss company CPL design in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, they produced their very own first Swiss watch called Slow Jo.




With the Slow Jo watches, there is no more stress and hassle as time is ticking “slow,” due to the fact that the two fastest hands of a typical conventional watch were dismantled while the relatively slow hand remained. The feeling that you are running out of time shall not be connected with these watches yet these designer watches still come with an accurate timekeeping with their in-built Swiss precision movement – Caliber Ronda 505.24H GMT – they are equipped with. The fact that the Slow Jo watches do not have a second hand, does not mean the watches do not accurately read time. In fact, the precise Caliber Ronda 505.24H GMT Swiss movement leaves nothing unfulfilled in terms of accuracy.


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The broad range of Slow Jo watches feature an intuitive and distinctive case design measuring 38mm in width and the use of 316L stainless steel in production makes the watches perfect on the wrist. The luxurious watches are also exceptionally lightweight to wear featuring just 65 grams in weight.

The wide variety of the Slow Jo watches come in two different designs as well as two different sizes: one for people with slightly larger wrists and one for those with slightly smaller wrists. The Slow Jo watch models are available in a variety of combinations and blend of quality, fashion, materials and colors. It is also worth noting that the Slow Jo watch models are all unisex models. This means, the luxury watches are suitable for both men as well as women.




The basic design of the dial and casing of the Slow Jo watches model may be the same all through, but the broad range of available wristbands offer a variety of style options. The wristbands of the Slow Jo watches are available in many different colors such as classic metal bands, soft calfskin straps while the straps come as nylon straps and canvas straps.


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The Slow Jo watch casing is made of stainless steel and is available in gold, silver, black, matt, gloss, and brushed. With this variety of available colors in combination with the range of fashionable straps, there is hardly a trend that cannot be achieved in this way with the Slow Jo watches. With a perfect blend of quality straps and watch cases, lovers of the classic-modern style or a military style will find the classic look they’ve always admired.






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