The Slow O Colletion

Rather than focusing on the second or the minute, the Slow brand produced a time instrument that measures the moment – the rounded Slow O collection. The Slow O Watch, launched after the Slow Jo and Slow Mo, came into existence whilst the manufacturers of the Slow watch series were on the beach, taking a walk, picking up some stones and skipping them across the water. Noting how amazing the view was when the stones touched and being carved by the water, they chose to develop a watch model in a rounded shape as that formed by Mother Nature.


Swiss made with Swiss Ronda Caliber 505.24H GMT Quartz movement, the classic beauty of this silver/black style of this designer watch speaks for itself. The Slow Mo watch comes with a 100 metre water resistant, 42.5mm silver stainless steel round case, and super amazingly soft vintage Italian calf leather band. And indeed the shape of the Slow O looks fantastic and is also very comfortable to wear. The fact that the whole watch is lightweight and the steel case is completely flat adds to the comfort of wearing the Slow O watch.



Making just one complete rotation in every 24 hours, the solitary hand moves at half the speed of a normal analog timepiece and was made to serve as a subtle reminder to the user to slow things down. Additionally, the precision movement is powered by a Renata 371 1.55v Silver Oxide battery with a life span of approximately 45 month.

As a point of note, the type of crystal used on a watch is a very important factor to consider when making a designer watch purchase. The harder or better the crystal, the more likely you will be able to keep the crystal free from scratches. For the Slow O, the extra hardened K1 mineral crystal it comes with is one of the best, hence it is not likely to be scratched over years of use.




The Slow O watch is a mindset that most of us have lost. It’s time to bring back slow into our life. Evolve the way you think about time. The Slow O watch will most likely be the smoothest watch that you have ever worn! The fitting of the Slow O is also very similar to Slow Mo (ideal for small and average wrists).



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