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Cool Slow Watches @ Clockwize Watch Shop...

Founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs Christopher Noerskau and Corvin Lask, Slow is a fashion inspired designer watch company already making waves in the watch industry. With the help of their specialist designers – May Margot and Gabrielle Guidi, the concept behind the Slow watches is creating an illusion that time can be slowed down. The watches were designed to change the way people read time and they are aimed at the unisex world. So instead of focusing on the second or the minute, the manufacturers produced an instrument that takes measurement of the moment. The designer watch is a subtle reminder that time is a precious thing we have, whenever we’re engaged with our busy lifestyles.

Cool Slow Watches @ Clockwize Watch Shop

Being true to this idea, the Slow watches cool design features just one hand which rotates once in 24 hours with increments of 15 minutes. This was skilfully achieved by using a 24-hour dial replicating the movement of the sun as it is in the northern hemisphere. The clock hand moves at exactly half the speed of a normal watch, but lets you to see at a glance the progress made in your entire day. What this means essentially is that there is an element of guesswork involved in accurately pinpointing the time to the exact minute.

Cool Slow Watches @ Clockwize Watch Shop....

The Slow watches’ slow way of measuring time is made possible by the designers making use of a Swiss precision GMT quartz movement that originally has 4 hands and a date as it is in the Ronda 505.24 Swiss Made, but Slow watches manufacturers simply left out the other 3 hands to keep the users focused on the one hand.

Cool Slow Watches @ Clockwize Watch Shop.....

The Slow watches are a definition of a cool watch on budget. The proportions of the weight and measurement of these trendy watches will appeal to a larger range of buyers. The intuitive case design and use of 316L stainless steel in the production makes the watch sit comfortably on the wrist and this makes the lugs frictionless.

Cool Slow Watches @ Clockwize Watch Shop.

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