Slow Watches – It Is Time To Slow Down…

Slow Watches – It Is Time To Slow Down…




In these hectic times, we are alert every second of the day. Our schedule is organized by the minute, yet we are constantly late to our appointments. We are overwhelmed with the quantity of information poured onto us from the time we get up in the morning until we fall asleep at night. We forget that there are many ways to relax and not be in constant control over our lives. This is where Slow Watches come in. The brand revolutionised the way we look at time and how we organize it. And it did all that just by removing some hands off a watch. Simple as that Slow Watches gained such a popularity that they were included in the Oscars® goodie bag for two consecutive years! They really took the world by storm and more and more people around the world are choosing to slow down by buying one of these unique timepieces.


The idea behind Slow Watches is that slow is not considered a speed, but a mindset that evolved out of the way we perceive time. Instead of focusing on seconds and minutes, Slow Watches produced an instrument that measures the moment. The idea behind the brand is simple – to produce a watch with one hand that rotates once every 24 hours. The performance of the watch is impeccable and highly reliable because it is made using a Swiss precision GMT movement. Another great difference between a slow watch and an ordinary watch is that the former has a 24-hour dial which puts your whole day into a clear perspective. Just a glance on the watch will give you a feel of where you stand in your day while a typical look on the dial will get you an accurate indication of the time.


There are truly a large number of shapes, forms, styles and sizes of Slow Watches to suit every taste. The straps can be made of leather, canvas or other durable materials. These watches look trendy yet very classic and suitable for every occasion. You can change straps very easily and transform your timepiece from a classic to a practical gym-ready watch.

And lastly, Slow Watches are produced in Switzerland, the origin of the time telling art. That alone is a guarantee that you are purchasing a high-quality watch characterized by artisan precision and attention to detail. The brand is known for producing watches that do not distract buyers with a logo on the dial. The Slow Watch logo is discretely placed on the back of the mechanism because there is no need to flaunt a product that already has a great reputation and is unique in its approach to time telling.

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