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The Nevo watch is a Swiss precision movement analogue watch designed in France and developed in China, with a huge load of smart tech features.

The designer watch comes with plain analogue watch face free from numbers, dates or even any form of branding, though the brand’s logo is only visible on closer inspection. This makes for a fantastically minimalist look that’s classy, stylish and expensive looking. The simplicity of the designer watch is bang on trend.




The Nevo watch also features the Swiss precision movement housed by a slim metal case. This case, which is cleverly hidden from view as it sits upon the wrist, bulges underneath to house the Bluetooth chips, sensors, and accelerometer.





There are three physical buttons that the Nevo watch comes with. The topmost button shows the progress of time in your day towards your daily goals by lighting LEDs hidden at the hour notches. These hour notches make use of 12 traditional positions to give you a visual representation of time.

The middle button is a traditional watch crown that can be pulled out in order to manually adjust the hands. You don’t have to frustratingly pair the watch to adjust the time, as the button is wonderfully simple to use.





The bottom button of the Nevo watch is used for Bluetooth pairing – which is a regular occurrence when you try to forge a connection between your Nevo watch and your Smartphone.

In terms of features, the Nevo timepiece performs three things: it monitors your daily activities, it notifies you of events on your Smartphone, and most importantly, lets you know what the time is. The watch can also be used as an alarm.





Though the Nevo watch offers you awareness of your daily activities and how sedate you’ve been, but its alternative trackers offer so much more. The amazing watch comes with an in-built fitness tracking so to the fitness tracker, the timepiece is extremely basic. The watch provides options where you can set three levels of fitness activity goal – light, moderate and intensive. It also monitors your progress on your way to these numbers. You can as well fine tune these levels to any number of day-to-day steps just by clicking the edit button.

The Nevo watch also notifies you of messages, emails and other social alerts. For instance, when something happens on your Smartphone – perhaps a call, email, SMS, Facebook notifications, Twitter or WeChat – the watch vibrates and displays a coloured LED placed around the watch face. You can put on or off the notification types, so that you can only be alerted to SMS or calls, while ignoring un-important Facebook messages, for example.



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