Squarestreet SQ38 Plano Watches


The Squarestreet Plano took designer watches to a new level, contemporary in appearance but harboring intricate detail and classic elegance behind an otherwise clean facade. It is a true fusion of old world horology and modern aesthetics.

Named after the Spanish word for flat, Squarestreet’s new Plano PS-74 watch is just 6.7 millimetres thick, the thinnest watch available from our store. Its face is designed to reference luxury Swiss watches of the mid-20th century, and features the brand’s signature concentric circles.

The Plano was influenced by a whole host of timeless predecessors. But it tips its hat towards mid-century dial designs, and there’s a clear hint of Piaget in the case design.

Squarestreet watches was founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Alexis Holm in 2010 to design and develop elegant contemporary timepieces with one foot in minimalist modernity and the other firmly rooted in traditional wristwatch aesthetics.