Squarestreet SQ39 Novem Watches


Discover the New SQ39 Novem, Latin for the number 9 refers here to the 9 phases of the moon. The new Squarestreet SQ39 Novem is the Swedish Contemporary Moon Phase Redefining Designer Watch you need to have part of your collection.

Hallwyl Museum in Stockholm

Hallwyl Museum in Stockholm

The geometries of Novem’s case and detailing draw inspiration from the Hallwyl Museum in Stockholm. Both Palace and practical residence at once, with sweeping eccentric forms as well as sharp geometries.

Novem was created as an aesthetic roadmap of the 20th century design with elements of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, 60’s functionalism, even the audacity of the 70s. It sports a 40-millimeter case, hidden pushers, CNC detailing, true sapphire crystal lens, dual layered dial with applied details intersecting circular patterns, and if you look closely it’s even got miniature maze edged into the middle of the moon phase. It is waterproof up to 5ATM basically it means Novem is life proof so you won’t need to be afraid to never take it off.

Squarestreet watches was founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Alexis Holm in 2010 to design and develop elegant contemporary timepieces with one foot in minimalist modernity and the other firmly rooted in traditional wristwatch aesthetics.