The Cool Simpl Watch


Leonardo da Vinci said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This is the philosophy on which Simpl lifestyle products are based.

Analogue watches come from an era associated with values such as chivalry and style. Times may have changed but elegance did not. Many people still prefer wearing a beautiful work of art on their wrist rather than a gadget. That’s why there is very much still a place today for stylish analogue watches.


Simpl is a Bangkok-based brand with Alisa Kittipong and Tanachpak Warrnissorn as co-founders. They decided to start a business based on their love of watches and decided to keep their designs simple. They adopted an approach of Less is More. Their watches had to be simply modern, simply chic and simply elegant.

Kittipong with a background in public relations is responsible for Simpl’s marketing as well as the administration. Warrnissorn graduated with a major in product design and she is responsible for designing all of the brand’s products.


A truly elegant product is one free of pretentiousness. It is something that is so carefully refined that nothing you can possibly add to it will be an improvement. As a result Simpl watches are clean to the point where the face contains no numbers. They are not necessary. The movement has been imported from Japan.

All the watches offer different options as far as dials, cases and the colors of their genuine Italian leather straps are concerned.


The brand markets their products with the catchphrase be Simpl, Be Different. According to Kittipong their watches blend in with whatever the user is wearing. They have a modernistic timelessness about them. This means Simpl has a watch that will be a perfect fit whatever the age, lifestyle or dress preference or even mood of the customer. Kittipong says she is proud of the fact that they made every watch in their first collection themselves right down to the packaging.

This collection consists of the Simpl Regal, Simpl Amber, Simpl Monochrome, Simpl Gravity and Simpl Classic. The Classic, Regal and Amber are available in two different colors.


Simpl watches can be ordered on the internet and shipped worldwide. They are the perfect fashion accessory when style is not negotiable and are suitable for all genders.

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