The Daniel Wellington watch


Reflecting true style and elegance through the watch you wear is a dream many people have. Usually it comes at a price tag that few can afford. One exception is the Daniel Wellington watch.

When you look at the slim lines on the white face contained in an immaculately designed polished steel or rose-gold-colored case the finer things in life come to mind. Yet the inspiration for the watch was not born in some glitzy high rise office building but on a back-packing adventure in Australia.

That is where a young Swede Filip Tysander met an Englishman named Daniel Wellington. The black and grey minimalist nylon NATO strap of the watch that Wellington was wearing fascinated Tysander. Back in Sweden he set up a watch company using this strap to make it stand out from the competition. He named his watch Daniel Wellington.




Tysander was quick to notice that something was missing in the world of watches: style at a reasonable price. He made sure his products were designed to be as stylish and beautiful as those produced by the elite watch makers of the world. He succeeded in keeping the price very reasonable.
He chose his NATO straps carefully to fit in with the classy feel and look of his products. They are colorful, but the colors are not too flashy. For those who want an even more sophisticated feel he has added the choice of leather straps.

It was in a time when the preppy look began to rule and the market quickly embraced this idea of elegance at a reasonable price. His business showed phenomenal growth. Last year Daniel Wellington sold more than a million timepieces.

classic_40mm_blog2When Apple’s colorful smart watches entered the market it looked like analog watches may be facing an uphill battle to survive but there is no alternative for style and class. For a while the smart watch did well but then sales began to drop as much as 90%, and the Daniel Wellington products continued to ride the wave of ever increasing sales of these cool watches.

Tysander’s decision to market a watch based on the chic, trendy look of his more expensive competitors was a stroke of genius. His marketing skills proved to be equally impressive.

However, he is also not a man to back away from a challenge. His newest product, the Dapper is different from its predecessors. It is more complicated, as well as more expensive. The black Roman numerals, metallic blue hands and the date window are break-aways from his traditional style. Nevertheless the newcomer is a pedigree Daniel Wellington and therefore very to hard to resist.

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