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These days when you step out, your looks, fashion and style are of very great importance. But in essence, most of the emphasis on your fashion statement is placed on the watch you’re wearing. Watches have become a piece of art – a fashion accessory. This is why you have to do whatever it takes when it comes to choosing the right cool watch for your outfit.

If you’ve been searching for the coolest funky watch, it’s time to reward yourself. Artime Watches gives you a wide variety of amazing watches to choose from. Featuring an elaborate yet sublime design and engineering marvel, our collections of watches are vintage and of a great quality.

From the simplistic traditional/classic, streamlined styles to the extraordinary designs for the fancy type, there’s an amazing watch for men and ladies on sale for every kind of taste you desire. You’ll find what you’re searching for, even a few unusual things you were not expecting – like a bearing ball moving along a track on the watch face, vibrant blend of colours on the casing and straps, unusual watch face and shapes (symmetrical, asymmetrical, conical), crystal patterns or doodles on the dial face that gives the timepiece the right amount of sparkle.

Each of the watches on sale at our online watch shop was designed and crafted with a great attention to detail and a carefully cultivated vintage innovative inspiration. With a love for all things vintage, our selected top creative watch brands have made unique and unusual fashion accessories become accessible to all of us and the amazing watches are a real catch. We have several gorgeous styles and shapes for men as well as beautiful, funky, cool watches for the ladies too.

Wanna strap on a cool watch today? Kindly take a look around our catalogue of incredibly cool watches for men and ladies alike that are awesome and ready to give you a new and good fashion statement. With Artime Watches, you can make a bold statement with an amazing watch!

Although an amazing timepiece is now a fashion accessory, there is a dire need to keep track of time in a fast-paced world. Our world today has now become so fast-paced that no one can afford to stay behind even for a minute. And the only way to stay ahead of time is to own a cool watch. Whether the occasion is a party, casual hangout, a business meeting or some formal event,  make sure you have an amazing watch to rely on by your side at all times. Our broad collection of watches at Artime Watches may be unique and unusual but the watches are one of the most stylish and trendy that you could ever find online. Not forgetting that the watches add to your outfit a good sense of character and huge fashion statement easily.

Are you sick and tired of some watch brands passing off a lack of creativity as minimalism? Well, at Artime Watches, we feel and find it very necessary to highlight the glory of clean, carefully crafted, tactile timepieces with fresh, soothing and simple innovative designs that express something that is more than just telling the time. Our online watch shop curates the coolest and amazing watches for men and ladies alike that are trendy, fashionable and combine an ethos of mid-century and modernism. Below are some of our favourites at our online watch shop.

Simpl Amber Black

The classic timepiece for every day bustles and hustles. The Simpl Amber Black rounded watch finished with a black dial face and rose gold touches is a symbol of simplicity and masterpiece of straightforwardness.

Eone Bradley Silver Mesh

The Eone Bradley watch brand has been collecting awards and prizes for years now. The Silver Mesh model of the Eone Bradley watch series is a more masculine tactile watch, with its unique and unusual dial face, and visible hour “ball bearing hand” as well as an invisible minute “hand.” With a magnetic precision movement, the watch perfectly fits for anywhere or occasion: be it official, bicycle tours, mountain walking, sailing, the gym, dinner date. The Eone Bradley watch series is an elegant, unusual timepiece for everyday wear as well.

Moonlight Dusk Rosegold

The Auteur Moonlight Dusk Rose gold watch combines metropolitan providence with Japanese precision movement. With a rose gold-plated hardened mineral glass casing and rose gold Milanese steel bracelet, the Auteur Moonlight Dusk Rose gold amazing watch comes with the very finest details. Cheery and decidedly well-proportioned, the Auteur Moonlight watch is powered by the groundbreaking automatic Japanese precision movement.

Aark Tide Gold

The Aark Tide Gold watch is perfect for those who are still in love with classic, traditional style. Smart, decisive and expressing a touch of seriousness for the serious type, the Aark Tide Gold is a life-long love. And with the cool watch coming in a particularly popular screw golden color and genuine black leather straps, the Aark Tide Gold watch is a best seller. All collection of Aark timepieces at Artime Watches delivers a contemporary take on the classic traditional watch except that they are refined with a matured, professional aesthetic design.

Void Watches

Void watches are reminiscent of the days gone by. Yet these amazing watches, like the Aark watches, are divinely modern, more consistent, more ordinary and more elegant with premium focus in mind. Void watches come in a variety of cool colours, and in a ladies’ version.

Ziiiro Watch Series

The Ziiiro watches are a definition of tradition revolutionised into a fine art. Perhaps one of the most striking timepieces in the ranks of the innovation range, Ziiiro watches can be counted among the very best of creative watches that are currently available under the designation “unusual and funky”.

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